5th Annual Winter BCC Begins February 1

Winter BCC image

Ready to try using your bicycle to get around, even in the "off season"? Perhaps you already do, and you wouldn't mind a little recognition. Either way, the Winter Bicycle Commuter Challenge is for you! It's super easy- just create an account on this site (unless you already have one from last year), log in, and log your practical bike rides in February. Anyone who lives or works in Thurston County can participate. You don't have to be employed or a student- just use your bicycle as a means of practical transportation, with at least part of your trip inside Thurston County. The Winter Mini BCC runs for the whole month of February and includes celebration of International Winter Bike To Work Day, on Friday February 9, 2018. You can start logging your rides anytime. Only your rides in February will count toward your Winter BCC totals. We'll hold prize drawings each week in February, among everyone who logged miles that week- it's that simple.

We're looking forward to seeing you out and about- on your bike!

At least for this year, the Winter BCC does not support teams, and does not award prizes based on miles or days ridden.