Last Week of BCC 2021!

Photo of Bike Beside Road

We are in the last week of the 2021 Bicycle Commuter Challenge! If you haven't gotten around to logging your rides, now would be a great time to do it, and to encourage your team or friends to log their rides too! We'd love to see a total of 800 riders and at least 60k miles when all is said and done- will you help us reach our goal? You can log your rides retroactively, for any day in May. Just click inside the "Date" field in the "Log a Ride" box, and a calendar will open. Choose the date you want and log your ride for that day, and repeat, for any days you missed! Thanks! :-)

Prizes, Prizes, Prizes!

Adventure Cycling trip picture

As if the health, well-being, practical advantages, and pure joy of bicycling were not enough, look at the amazing prizes you could win, just for riding your bike and logging your rides in the BCC! Plus, everyone receives fun and valuable coupons!