Photo of biking in Winter

    Winter Biking Tips

    Biking to get around in the winter can be fun, refreshing and invigorating- it's a great way to beat the winter blues by getting outside in the fresh air and being active.

    Winter BCC Benefits from Mild February- So Far...

    25 riders in Thurston County committed to ride on the Winter Bike to Work Day page- more than in Seattle and Portland combined! Plus, we had SIX winners in our Week 2 prize drawing for the Winter BCC.

Winter BCC Week 4 Prize Winners!

Books and Hot Bevs- what better way to warm up after a cold winter ride! And the Week 4 Winter BCC prize winners are: Glenn B., Peggy M., Adrian W., Sam W., and Jessica B! We'll have one more Winter BCC prize drawing on the last day of February, so remember to log your rides.