2020 BCC Really is Resilient

In the Year of Covid (and so much more), the BCC adapted and thrived, and bikes are more relevant than ever!

Together, in the midst of everything, 832 BCC participants pedaled 84,415 miles in May, 2020. Here's a quick breakdown:

  • 832 Riders
  • 84,415 Miles
  • 8363 Days Ridden
  • 71 Teams Reported Miles
  • 264 First Time Riders (32 percent of all riders)
  • 10,1 Average Days per Rider
  • 101 Average Miles per Rider
  • Over 100 prizes to be awarded

NEXT UP: This week, we're sorting riders into "days ridden" categories (less than 10 days, 10-14 days, and 15+ days), doing random prize drawings in the different categories, awarding prizes, and beginning the process of mailing prizes out. Good luck, ride on, and look for the rainbows!