2024 Winter Bicycle Challenge, February 1 - 29

Submitted by Duncan Green

Intercity Transit’s Winter Bicycle Challenge encourages all Thurston County Residents to bike for any reason in any season!  Bicycling outdoors remains a great way to get the benefits of fresh air, sunlight, and exercise, all of which are necessary for the health of our bodies, minds and spirits.

For the month of February, we’ll have awesome prize drawings each week, plus a bonus drawing at the end of the month for everyone who logs rides on 10 days or more in February. Tag your biking photos with #WinterBCC or @BicycleCommunityChallenge on Instagram to join our photo challenge. The teams features will be active, and teams can compete for bragging rights. The Winter Bicycle Challenge is for Thurston County residents biking for any reason this year in February.

To participate, create an account on this website (or log in to your existing one) and enter the miles you ride each day in the "Log a Ride" box during February, 2024.

Winter poses more challenges and risks for biking than other seasons. We don't recommend biking when there are snowy or icy conditions on our local roads. That is a great time to ride the bus! Make sure you're prepared and don't exceed your capabilities. For some tips on successful biking in winter, see: https://bcc.intercitytransit.com/news/winter-bike-commuting-tips