Celebrating Accomplishments in the 2024 BCC

Submitted by Duncan Green

Congratulations everyone, on a wonderful month of biking in May, with the Bicycle Community Challenge! 

Together, 715 of us rode over 74,400 miles, logging rides on a total of 6829 days in May. 

Some other fun stats:

  • 7 riders logged rides on all 31 days in May.
  • 185 riders rode 15 or more days, qualifying them for drawings for a new bike from New Belgium Brewing and one of two $500 gift cards from local bike shops.
  • 318 riders rode 10 days or more, qualifying them to win special handmade prizes from local makers, plus awesome prizes from Ortlieb, Nite Rider, and Portland Design Works.
  • Everyone who logged at least one ride will receive our fun and valuable coupon pack and be entered to win Dancing Goats Coffee gift cards.

In Team News:

78 teams participated in this year's BCC (a qualifying team equals 2 or more riders).

Team Prizes are awarded to every member of the BCC teams that excel in six categories. Generally, larger teams do better in the overall number categories, and smaller teams do better in the Average and Percentage categories. Each team member will receive one prize, regardless of how many categories the team excelled in. The categories are:

  • Total Number of First Time Riders on the Team
  • Percentage of First Time Riders on the Team
  • Total Number of Days Ridden by Team Members
  • Average Number of Days Ridden by Team Members
  • Total Number of Miles Ridden by Team Members
  • Average Number of Miles Ridden by Team Members

See how all the teams did in the different categories, at: https://bcc.intercitytransit.com/node/111372 There, scroll down to "Results by Team" and you can sort the teams in the list to see where your team fell in each category. Click on each heading to sort the column. The columns sort in ascending order on the first click, and you can click again to see them in descending order. 

Coupons and Prizes:

(Due to unforeseen circumstances, there has been a slight delay in getting prizes and coupons in the mail. Thanks for your patience and understanding!) 

The BCC coupons will go out in the mail Thursday, June 27. Team and individual prizes will go in the mail starting early in the first week of July. A few of the larger teams' prizes will be dropped off at the workplace and distributed by the team captain. Individual prize winners will receive an email notification alerting them to watch for a prize in the mail. Happy Summer Cycling everyone!