Coupons and Prizes Update

Submitted by Duncan Green


The 2022 BCC Coupons are in the mail now! Look for your coupons to arrive in the mail between now and the end of June.If you logged rides in the 2022 BCC and don't receive your coupons by June 30, email and we'll get you sorted out.


The Team Prizes have been awarded! Prizes for larger teams have been delivered to your Team Captain, Employee Transportation Coordinator or workplace location (see winning teams listing below). Prizes for smaller teams are being packaged and will be mailed out over the next couple of weeks. You can sort the different teams by category to see where your team fell in each category here: Scroll down to "Results by Team" and sort by clicking on the links at the top of each column.

Winning teams:

Atchison-Sattelberg Family
Cardag Cycle Commuters
Centennial Elementary School
Chain Reaction 
City of Olympia*
Crank IT!*
Department of Ecology Clean Air Act*
DNR - Natural Resource Bicyclists
Farmers Insurance District 10
Fish Guts
House of Representatives
Lincoln Elementary
Olympia Food Co-op
Pat's Pedalers
Pioneer Elementary School 
PORT Peleton
St. Peter Hospital (Providence)*
Team Kunkle - Homes First
The Finchwehls
The SCJ Way
Thurston County Commuters
Tight Shorts & Clicky Shoes
Tumwater School District
Tumwater Virtual Academy
Washington Middle School*
Washington State Patrol
Wheels o' Thunder*
Wild RAD Pony 
Wild Wheels

*Prizes have been delivered to the team captain for teams marked with an asterisk. If you're on one of these teams, and haven't heard from your team captain, or don't know how to reach them, email and we'll get you sorted out.                                                                            Everybody else hang tight, your prizes will arrive in the mail soon!


We are in the process of awarding the individual prizes and packing them up for mailing. Prizes should start arriving in the mail the week of June 26, and continue to go out through the first week of July.