Hours Left in the 2023 BCC- Log Those Rides!

Submitted by Duncan Green

The 2023 Bicycle Community Challenge is drawing to a close, so make sure to log your rides in these last hours of the BCC! You can log your May rides retroactively through June 8, and then we tally up and send out prizes and coupons. Log your rides to pull for your team, win prizes, support biking in our community, and just have fun!

Make sure your team has been logging their rides!

To qualify as a team in the BCC, and to be eligible for team prizes, your team must have more than one rider actively logging rides in the BCC this May. You can check on your team's progress and status here... Scroll down until you see the list of teams. Then you can sort the teams by the number of riders (and all the other metrics). If your team does not show up in this list, that means only one or fewer riders are logging rides this month, and the team won't be eligible for prizes or recognition as a team in the 2023 BCC.