Less than 10 days to go, let's roll!

Submitted by Duncan Green

Time to get serious (about the fun of riding bikes)! The 37th Annual Bicycle Community Challenge is going great- over 600 riders have logged more than 46,500 miles. Let's see if we can get 200 more riders participating by the end of May, and beat last year's total! Energize your team, tell your friends, share our social posts, let's go! :D Log your rides for this week by midnight Sunday and we'll enter you to win one of the awesome prizes pictured....

Also, if you ordered BCC apparel this year, and didn't choose to have it shipped, it is printed and ready to pick up, at Jacknut Apparel, 2320 Mottman Rd SW Ste 102, Olympia WA 98512 tel. 800-930-8505 Hours M - F 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.