Let's Ride More Than Last Year!

Submitted by Duncan Green

There is less than a week left in the 35th Annual Bicycle Community Challenge- how many bike rides can you pack into these last few days of the 2022 BCC?

We have just a little ways to go to match last year’s level of participation- let’s give it a try! If just 25 more people log rides this week (that haven't logged rides yet this year), we can do it! As of this writing, we have about 20K miles to go, and almost 700 people logging rides - we can do it! Remind your friends to log their rides, fire up your team, and remember your rides can be for practical purposes or just for fun, health and well-being.

Ride to lunch, ride after work, ride with a friend or a group, ride on the long weekend, ride the trails, ride the backroads, ride somewhere new, ride to the beach, ride to the store, ride for fun, ride for endorphins, ride! :-)

If you rode your bike earlier in the month but didn't log your rides, you can log them retroactively. Click in the Date field in the Log a Ride box. Choose a date from the calendar that pops up, and enter the number of miles you rode that day. You can log rides up to one month in the past.