Love Letter to a Bicycle

Submitted by Duncan Green

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY (Love Letter to a Bicycle)

Have you ever been at a loss for words to describe or explain how much you love your bicycle or bicycles in general? See if this resonates with you, or maybe write your own love letter to a bicycle!

Dear Bicycle,

Have I told you lately that I love you? You are so loyal and true! You carry me faithfully wherever I ask you to go, and hardly ever complain. I know I could treat you better.  I sometimes leave you out in the rain all day, and you just wait patiently. We ride together every day in all kinds of weather, through the indifference of the automobiles, and over the rough cobbled streets and graveled roads. You barely whimper, asking only for a little air in your tires or a drop of oil on your chain.

We’ve spent our lives together and have been so many amazing places along the way. We haven’t really even hurt each other that often, and when we did, it was pretty much always my fault.  We’ve kept those guardian angels busy in our time though- I just hope they’re still watching over us!  You know how beautiful you are to me, in your body and your spirit. You are graceful, elegant and strong.

All your parts work so cleverly together- it’s really a case of the whole being more than the sum of the parts. I love how you are willing to carry more than your own weight, and how you don’t even need any fuel. You are so capable and efficient, and so blissfully sublime, all at the same time! Through the all the dreary night rides home in the rain, you and I dream of those summer days that are sure to come again, when we can sail along like the birds of the air, the warm breezes caressing us as we glide without a care! You’re equally at home whether flying solo or in a flock, whether in the rainforest or the desert, or ascending some great mountain. We’ve made so many wonderful friends together, too. You’re so approachable, and you just know how to get a conversation going.  I want you to know; I can’t imagine what my life would be like without you. But it’s not even just me- the world would be such a poorer place if not for you. This could be fanciful thinking, but I even have it in my mind that you could play a significant part in saving the world! There are so many people who love and appreciate you, and all you can do. I think that more and more people will become convinced of your value and beauty. For now, I take solace and comfort in your beauty, and in the sublime and wholly transporting experience of gliding along perched on your saddle as we explore another day, around the next bend, and over the next hill!