Special Bike Shop Discounts for WBC Riders

Submitted by Duncan Green

In addition to our always awesome prize line-up (this week's prizes pictured), this year we have some bike shop discounts for you, too! Winter can be a great time for riding, AND a fantastic time to get your bike tuned up, before the loooong waits for service kick in for spring and summer.

Here's the lowdown:

For people logging rides in the Winter Bicycle Challenge:

  • DESCHUTES RIVER CYCLERY (in their new location at 408 4th Ave E. next to the Eastside Club) is offering 50% off PARTS when you SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT for tune-up service in February.
  • JOY RIDE BIKES is offering: A Premium Tune ($175) for the price of a Standard Tune ($125).

    20% off of parts that are installed at standard labor rate.                                                                         50% off standard $7.99 inner tubes.

  • TREK BICYCLES (Olympia store only) is offering a $20 coupon to people logging rides in the Winter BCC (February only). They also have tuneup specials running for this month only.
  • WOLFPACK CYCLE REPAIR is offering 15% off their regular tuneup package during February.

With the quick turnaround time of the off-season, you'll still have plenty of time to ride your bike!