Where to Ride?

Submitted by Duncan Green

Thurston County has many great options for biking, whether you are looking for a practical route from "A to B" or for a recreational ride, away from traffic. We also have some great resources here in Thurston County for finding your route or fun destinations. There are over 56 miles of paved, multi-use trails in our county running both North - South (Chehalis/Western Trail), and East - West (Karen Fraser Woodland Trail and Yelm-Tenino Trails), as well as other shorter neighborhood trails. If you prefer to get off the pavement and off the beaten path, we have miles of world class gravel and mountain biking routes as well!

Check out the resources below to find just the right routes and places for your ride:

We can help too:

If you are having difficulty finding a bike friendly route to get where you need to go, email dgreen@intercitytransit.com (December thru June) or walknroll@intercitytransit.com (July thru November), and we will help you find a route!