Winter Bicycle Challenge Up and Rolling!

Submitted by Duncan Green

In just the first week of the 2024 Winter Bicycle Challenge, over 130 riders have logged more than 4100 miles, and there's a h-h-h-HOT new team in the neighborhood! Check out the ever-increasing participation on the event page for the Winter Bicycle Challenge where you can sort by team name and all the other metrics to see the latest results. Prizes for week two are ready (pictured) and drawings for each week's prizes are held on the following Monday. We will notify the winners by email, and mail all prizes out in March. C'mon, let's show this old winter what we're made of! :)

Week Two Prizes:

2 Rattlesnake bottle cages, 2 Purist water bottles, 1 iO rechargeable tail light, 1 Pathfinder rechargeable headlight, and 1 City Rover 500 rechargeable headlight, all from Portland Design Works.

Sure, we know biking in February might not feel like your cup of tea, but you never know until you try, right?? Biking in the "off season" has its advantages and can be quite pleasurable, especially if that cup of tea is waiting for you at home or at your destination! :-)

For some tips on successful biking in winter, see: