DSHS Social Cycles

Hello Social Cycles!Welcome to our team site - I'm glad you're here! We're going to have a great year for 2019! Be sure to LOG your transportation miles in Thurston County!Keep an eye on the BCC events page and save these dates:

  • Thursday, May 16, 2019 - Thurston Bike to Work Day (the national day is Friday, but a lot of us in this town are state workers and a lot of state workers don't work on Friday. So, to accommodate more people, we're celebrating Bike to Work Day early - on Thursday! The BCC will have bike stations around town to help you fuel up with coffee and snacks on your way to work and even help with emergency repairs, if you need them.
  • Thursday, May 16, 2019 - Interagency Bike Ride - saddle up and join a few hundred state employees from your agency and others from across the county to ride to Tumwater Historical Park for lunch, workshops, prizes, and fun! Bring your own lunch and water, some refreshments will be provided. Meet at the Tivoli Fountatin at 11:15. Sponsored by WSDOT Commute Trip Reduction.

or other bike news beyond the BCC, bookmark the DSHS Bike Site.Contact me for comments and suggestions for things you'd like the Social Cycles to do this year, or just say hi!             Cheers!Linda Weaver