PORT Peleton

Get pumped up and join the PORT Peleton.  Starting May 1- 31st, 2022

Open to EVERYbody - your family, friends - making it more fun. 

THIS is NOT a commute to work endeavour (unless you want to).  We are counting your stationary bike miles, trike miles, even electric bike miles - for fun....and maybe even jump start your fitness level.

This is a chance to take part in a much larger event for Thurston County and put in one mile or many.  

Contact Aletia A Alvarez - AletiaA@PortOlympia.com.  Team PPP!  (360) 643-1361.

Say YES!...or call me if you are on the fence.  Any bike works - even your gym workouts (that's in the A3 rule book).  Sign up as a PORT Peleton rider.  Each day or once a week you can type in your distance and all the info gets filed by this site.  SCAN the code below for quick sign up.  You can join the team after you create a profile.