PORT Peleton

Get pumped up and join the PORT Peleton.  May 1- 31st

Open to EVERYbody - your family, friends - making it more fun. 

THIS is NOT a commute to work endeavor (unless you want it to be).  Trike miles count, miles on the trail count, even electric-assist bike miles - for fun....and maybe even jump start your fitness level.

This is a chance to take part in a much larger event for Thurston County and put in one mile or many.  

Contact Camille St Onge camilles@portolympia.com.  Team PORT Peloton!  (360) 669-3100.

Say YES!...or call me if you are on the fence.  Any bike works - electric-assist bikes are allowed.  Sign up as a PORT Peleton rider.  Each day or once a week you can type in your distance and all the info gets filed by this site.  You can join the team after you create a profile.