3 Ways to Report Road Problems for People on Bikes:

Back in the mists of time, when everyone had to fill out a paper mileage log for the BCC, there was a space on the form to report infrastructure issues to the local jurisdictions. Now that almost everyone is participating online, here are your options to report problems with our local bike infrastructure.

To report potholes, bike lane issues like overgrown branches or broken glass, or other infrastructure issues that impact people on bikes, choose an option below:

  1. For issues within the Olympia City Limits, use the excellent OlyConnects app, available on the App Store and Google Play. Also available in a web version at: http://olympiawa.gov/city-services/
  2. If you're not sure which jurisdiction the issue falls within, use our "Report a Problem" form (Find it at the bottom of our home page or click here), and we will pass your report to the appropriate jurisdiction. We'll need specific location info. A street address is best, or a street and cross street, and info like north or southbound lanes, etc.
  3. If you know which jurisdiction you are in, and would like to report the problem directly to the relevant Public Works Dept., go to. www.trpc.org for a list of contact numbers.

Feedback from BCC participants is the local jurisdictions' biggest source of information regarding issues and obstacles for biking in Thurston County. Please use these resources to inform our public works departments about problems and shortcomings.They actually want this information! Some of the issues are expensive to repair, or tied to larger projects that are waiting for funding or are weather dependant. Things take time, but they have to start with the knowledge that something needs fixing. Thanks for your input!