The BCC is a Wrap: Prizes and Winners in 2020

Photo of sunset over South Bay Rd.

Hundreds of BCC participants won prizes this year, either in individual drawings or as members of a team. Individual prize drawings were held each week in May, and more drawings in June awarded prizes to individuals in three categories: Riders who logged rides on 1 - 9 days, 10 - 14 days, and 15 plus days. The custom BCC bike-themed quilt, the new bike prize, and the Grand Prize bike vacation were drawn from riders who logged 15 or more days. 270 riders from 23 teams won prizes as well, for their teams' standings in the different categories listed on the event page. You can sort the teams by each value to see how your team compares to the others in each category. Scroll to the "Results by Team" section, at:  to sort the results and see how your team did! Larger teams tend to do better in some categories, and smaller teams do better in others.

The lucky, randomly drawn winners of the top individual prizes were:

Grand Prize: Jen T. of the Rogue Squadron team.

Custom hand-made quilt: Riley F. also of Rogue Squadron.

New Bike from Joy Ride Bikes: Crystal S. from BIIA team.

2 pairs of Ortlieb Panniers: Sam L. (no team) and Samuel G., City of Olympia team.

Over 150 other BCC participants won prizes in random drawings, including bike lights and other bike accessories from Portland Design Works and NiteRider, gift cards from Stellar Jiuces, and coffee mugs donated by Espresso Parts.

For more details on the 2020 BCC, check out the Final Report